It is our privilege to serve our local community through special services on significant occasions in people’s lives. Through these points of contact, we hope to form and strengthen supportive relationships between our church and those who live in our area.


The arrival of a baby is a joyous event for which God should be praised. A Christening may take one of two forms. 

  • A Service of Dedication and Thanksgiving is a meaningful service for family and friends at a specially arranged time in which the child is named, parents and godparents promise to take their responsibilities seriously in the child’s upbringing and God’s blessing is prayed for. This service is most appropriate where the family does not yet regularly attend church.
  • A Baptism occurs in one of our regular church gatherings where the family are already committed members of that congregation and followers of Jesus Christ. Given that the child has been born into a Christian family, God’s promises are claimed on the child’s behalf as the sign of Baptism is given to the child with the confident prayer that the child will never know a day when he/she does not follow Jesus.

A good first step towards either option would be to meet one of our ministers after a church service one Sunday. Questions and inquiries can also always be directed to us via phone or email.


Marriage is a wonderful, God-given institution and it is our privilege to help couples before, during and after their wedding. Our ministers are able to take couples through a pre-marital counselling process and perform a warm and orderly service of marriage on the big day. We would love to form an ongoing relationship with wedding couples and welcome them into our church. 

If you’re interested in having your wedding at one of our sites, please read through the ‘Your Wedding’ brochure then contact the church office for further information and to make a booking.



It is an honour to be involved with people from our local community as they farewell a beloved family member or friend. On the death of a loved one, families should call a funeral director first and ask them to contact our church. The funeral director can then check the availability of our churches and ministers for a service. Our ministers are also able to take services at crematoriums or other locations. Generally, the minister will arrange a meeting with the family/friends to plan the service as soon as possible. Services usually involve an element of looking back on the deceased person’s life and an element of looking forward in the light of the Bible’s message of hope. We hope that such occasions will foster a positive connection between our church and the family and friends of the person who has died.