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Course information: 
Building a Safe and Strong Marriage is a biblically-based course which uses current marriage research to help couples think through how to make their marriage better. The goal of the course is to help strengthen marriages so that both spouses feel safe, loved and well-connected.

Each session is based around a 2-hour video presentation which include teaching segments and interviews, along with activities for couples to complete together. The course does not require any group sharing. 

Course content: 
Session 1: God’s design for marriage

  • Learn what God says about marriage in the Bible.
  • Take a look at what the research says about what makes marriages work and the connection between what the Bible says and what research says.

Session 2: What damages our connectedness in marriage?

  • What attitudes and behaviours damage the sense of security and safety in a relationship?
  • Warnings signs of a relationship in trouble.

Session 3: Building the positives – friendship and communication

  • This session focuses on building the positives – working on your friendship and having healthy patterns of communication.
  • Discover practical examples for couples to build ‘little things every day’ into their relationship.

Session 4: Building the positives – sex and spirituality

  • Focus on further aspects of building the positives – working on your sexual relationship and the spiritual dimension of your marriage.
  • Hear from Dr Patricia Weerakoon, sexologist, on the science of sex and attraction
  • Our spiritual relationship: how can we help each other flourish?

Session 5: Managing conflict gently

  • How can couples manage conflict well – before, during and after the conflict?
  • Discover ways to work through conflict in a way that keeps a couple well-connected, rather than tearing you apart.

For more information about the course, visit the Building Marriages website. 

Course hosts: 

John and Vicki Lamplough have been married for 47 years. They have 4 married children and 14 grandchildren, aged between 2 and 14.
John and Vicki enjoy exercise of various kinds. Weekly ballroom dancing classes have give an opportunity to spend time together, to meet people and to keep brain cells active! The have personally benefited by marriage courses over the years and are passionate about helping couples grow together in strong and safe marriages. John and Vicki are long-time members of Anglican Churches Springwood.