Bishop Muhindo Ise-Somo

isesomo-consecration-2010-12-DSC_0967-300x201December 2010, Muhindo Ise-Somo was consecrated as Bishop of the Diocese of North Kivu in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. He had previously served as the National Coordinator for Evangelism, Mission, Peace and Reconciliation of the Anglican Church in the DR Congo and Congo-Brazzaville.

Our support enables him to travel proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and training local Christians for evangelism and discipleship.

Ise-Somo is also the DR Congo coordinator for Langham Preaching, a programme of the Langham Partnership (another link mission of our parish).

Springwood’s relationship goes back many years. As evangelist pastor of the Anglican Church of Butembo, Rev. Muhindo Ise-somo (Ise to his friends) worked with Graham and Wendy Toulmin when they went to Zaïre (the former name for DR Congo) as missionaries with CMS.

Ise-Somo first visited Australia for 6 months in early 1999. His impact on everyone he met was immense. A man of great humility, powerful in preaching the Gospel and with a wicked sense of humour — he endeared himself to all those who met him. Support came in and soon Brass For Africa — the name of a music recording by Toulmins and friends — became the name of a fund-raising ministry to Africa based in the Anglican Churches of Springwood.

Ise visited again in 2003, and subsequently has maintained close contact with a number of our members — several visiting and strengthening our links to DRC over the years.